Eric Lovett on Starting Over, Finding Peace, and Ending Youth Homelessness

Eric Lovett on Starting Over, Finding Peace, and Ending Youth Homelessness

Eric Lovett is Founder and CEO of Urban Street Angels, an organization committed to ending youth homelessness in San Diego. Eric is one of the most socially skilled people I've ever met. As soon as you meet Eric, you like him, trust him, and want to be a part of his mission.

Eric's path to social athleticism has been a wild ride...

In his twenties, Eric enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom in the world of Christian music. At the age of 29, he was outed as gay. Suddenly, everything was taken away from him--his career, his friends, his faith, his very identity.

In our interview, Eric speaks bravely about losing it all, battling back from the depths of depression, and finding renewed purpose in his mission to help others who have been rejected by society. He also speaks about his unique social superpowers, how he developed them, and how he uses them to improve his community. 

Over the last 12 years, Eric's organization Urban Street Angels has emerged as one of the most innovative and effective organizations in the world for addressing youth homelessness. On a shoestring budget, he gets 400 kids a year off the streets. And when they get off, they stay off.

If you have ever wondered why throwing millions of dollars at homelessness only seems to make the problem worse, listen to this episode. Eric speaks with breathtaking clarity about the perverse incentives that frustrate our common efforts to end homelessness. More importantly, he shares the uncommon methodology he's using to get outsized results where everyone is failing.

I have seen firsthand the difference Eric is making in his community. After listening to this episode, I hope you'll join me in donating whatever you can to Urban Street Angels. I promise you the money will be well spent efficiently and effectively on restoring hope to the people who need it most. 

Eric Lovett on Starting Over, Finding Peace, and Ending Youth Homelessness

00:00 - Intro
03:36 - Eric's Wild Ride from Alabama to San Diego
06:05 - Being Outed as Gay and Losing it All
11:22 - Founding Urban Street Angels
19:41 - Struggles With Selfishness and Finding Peace
31:14 - Strategies for Recharging Socially
33:25 - Eric's Social Superpowers
49:26 - Rediscovering Faith in God
54:05 - The Distinct Problem of Youth Homelessness (And How to Fix It)
1:01:15 - Why Most Homelessness Initiatives Make the Problem Worse
1:08:24 - Urban Street Angels' Novel Approach to Homelessness (That Actually Works)
1:11:59 - How to Support Urban Street Angels
1:16:29 - The Power of True Love (and Alabama Football)



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Written by

Casey Wright