Apple's Vision Pro & The Future of Social Interactions

Apple's Vision Pro & The Future of Social Interactions

After two weeks of interacting with my Vision Pro, I am both excited and terrified about the future of social interactions. 

In this week's episode, we explore the thrilling potential the Vision Pro has to bring us closer together in virtual spaces. We also delve into the unmistakable dystopian fears this device rightly instills in us--a world where we are all sucked into our own virtual worlds, further fracturing the fragile social foundations of our modern world. 

As you'll hear, I have more questions than answers right now. However, I propose a few common-sense cultural choices we can and should make today... while we wrestle with the awesome and terrifying potential of this new device. 

Apple's Vision Pro & The Future of Social Interactions

0:00 - The Vision Pro is a Magical, Clumsy Piece of the Future
6:41 - How the Vision Pro Could Improve Social Fitness
9:59 - How the Vision Pro Could Harm Social Fitness
15:46 - The Vision Pro as "Digital Alcohol"
20:00 - This is Just the Beginning...



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Written by

Casey Wright